Flick2Know started in August 2010 as part of
iAccelerator (incubation program of CIIE, IIM Ahmedabad)

Mar 2011: First Client (CyberMedia)

We launched our QR Code Marketing Platform with PC Quest (Publication of Cybermedia) being our first client.

August 2011: First Nationwide Campaign (HeroMotoCorp)

We were the first launch vehicle in the form of Video QR of the famous video 'Hum mein hai Hero' in every print publication by HeroMotoCorp during its rebranding from 'Hero Honda' to 'Hero'.

September 2013: Conceptualized FieldAssist

Conceptualized FieldAssist with a german brand entering in Indian FMCG industry. Did physical QR Code tagging of around 10,000 shops in NCR as pilot phase.

February 2014: FieldAssist got selected in Startup Chile (Gen9)

We got selected for Startup Chile (World's largest incubator funded by Govt. of Chile) for it's 9th batch. During this incubation phase, FieldAssist started maturing as an advanced Sales Force Automation Platform.